Death Before Rollaboard


Deep down, I’m just a guy who really likes to travel and who thinks everyone else should, too.

Travel has to be equal parts inspiration and information — without the former, you stay at home; without the latter, inspiration can quickly turn to desperation. You want both to have gravitas. In the past few years, we’ve learned that in travel publishing you often get what you pay for, and that a step by step recounting of a trip isn’t the same thing as travel writing — and is unlikely to truly inform or inspire.

Whether a quarter century as a journalist and photographer and 13 years as a travel writer for major newspapers, magazines and blogs makes me qualified to talk about travel and storytelling isn’t important — it’s not about me. What’s important is that travelers get both credible information and lasting inspiration. And when I find them, I share.

Hopefully you will, too.

*   *   *

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