Bad Latitude TV


The video channel for the Bad Latitude travel blog, a source of helpful (and often irreverent) tips, opinions and reviews. We shoot the videos at a range of destinations, from the San Francisco waterfront to the Tower of London to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (with cars screaming by). The 60-Second Travel Tip series has been featured by travel gurus Rudy Maxa and Peter Greenberg, as well as on the This Week in Travel podcastFind all the videos at

60-Second Travel Tips: Adapters vs. Converters from BadLatitudeTV on Vimeo.

Or watch the full-length Top Ten 60-Second Travel Tips.

Top Ten 60-Second Travel Tips from BadLatitudeTV on Vimeo.

Update: We’re getting ready to start a new season of 60-Second Travel Tips and I’m always looking for interesting shirts to wear during taping. There’s no endorsement involved (it’s just for fun), but if you want to send us a polo shirt or golf shirt with your company’s logo (men’s large), I’ll wear it for the video. Fun or bizarre logos get priority. Fill out the form below and we’ll contact you with shipping info.

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